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What is it?
A tool for visualising outbreaks of infection as a timeline.
What is it for?
To help you identify likely points of contagion.
Who is it for?
Epidemiologists, Infection Control Officers, anyone concerned with the spread of infection.
Latest news?


• The ability to create infection incident reports
• Enter case details, including specimen information
• Enter multiple location data per case
• Order graphic visualisation by different properties
• Review network based visualisation
• Customise and download a PDF report
• Use spreadsheets to Import and Export cases


Privacy is assured as the system does not allow you to enter any Patient Identifiable Information - you must refer to cases by a short code only. The data will never be shared with any 3rd party.


The ClusterTrack web application started life as an Excel spreadsheet used by the East of England Regional Epidemiology Unit (now part of Public Health England). Although useful it had some major limitations. The PHE commissioned Camart Ltd to write a web application which reproduced the same features without the limitations.

The original web application is known as TiCL and can be used by anyone with a, or email address.

Camart has continued to develop the application as ClusterTrack, which is available to all.

Additional credits
Developed with Mark Reacher MD MPH and Iain Roddick, based on an Excel Workbook by Dr Gareth Hughes

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